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Other Projects

I've created these projects to help other designers

User Interface Design Framework
The first ever created UI Design Kit, launched in 2010.

Speed Design with Illustrator
14 tips to create interfaces in minutes

WOW.js - Reveal CSS animation as you scroll down a page
Webalys initiated and designed the project,
developed, maintained and extended by Mathieu Aussaguel

About Webalys

Started in 2002, Webalys was a specialized in interface design. We are now exclusively designing the best icons packs for designers, developers and startups.

Interview by Iconfinder

" Vincent is a very busy man. He is the engine behind Agiledesigners, Minicons and Fontastic. He went from freelancing to creating one of the most popular icon sets online, the Minicons. Now he’s working on several interesting tool for designers – all with the same goal; to increase productivity..."